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Submission of ad material

Material requirements for print ads to Aftonbladet

All ads sent to Aftonbladet must be saved as a PDF or EPS file.pdf ads should be in PDF 1.3 and compatible with Acrobat 4. PDF files also applies to they have to go to convert to EPS, while maintaining quality. PDF files should be made by TU's specification for PDF ertill newspapers. TU has a "settings" for eg Acrobat and InDesign.

EPS files can be saved as Level 1, 2 or 3.

The document format of the file to be submitted should have exactly the same size as the booked space for the ad (width x height in mm). Check the size of the advertiser or the Aftonbladet traffic.

Black and White ads must not contain any färgobjekt.Färgannonser contain only CMYK colors. Colors from other color systems must be converted before they are sent, then only CMYK colors are used for printing of the newspaper. Responsibility for shades of color that has gone wrong in the conversion from the color system lies with the supplier. ICC profiles for conversion to CMYK colors is available on the TU website Images in the ad have to be installed in high resolution and be included in EPS or PDF file.

The resolution of the images should be:
- At least 170 dpi for the main magazine.
- At least 300 dpi for magazines Annexes
- At least 1200 dpi for line art

The total amount of color in pictures, tint blocks and text may not be more than 240% in the main newspaper and Sport Bladet. For Annexes apply 320%. This is to avoid smearing of the print.

Clipping should not have too many unnecessary anchor points in the track. The "Departure for the track" should be empty and thus does not even contain the value 0. The maximum number of points for Aftonbladet is 9 000. The scaling and cropping of the images will be in the image processing program, not in the layout program. This is to avoid that the resolution of the images changed.

All fonts that appear in the advertisement, even logos to be included in the file. PDF files include font if set in the profile of the program to create the PDF. For EPS files are a number of different methods. Among other things ProScript, illustrator, etc. may be helpful. The EPS files, we recommend that all fonts are converted into paths. Avoid fonts in OpenType formats or are coded CID. Own produced fonts may not occur.

Ads must be adapted to the current printing process.
Detailed information on adjustments for newspapers and ICC profiles can be obtained from ICC profiles for our attachments can be downloaded from

When it comes to advertising in major newspaper and Sport Bladet we follow TU's recommendations and ICC profile. No color compensation to be made for Sport Bladet. The eye adapts and impression of the picture is right.
Before leaving the material to us, check the following:
• the file contains only four colors
• that all fonts are included or made as paths
• The images in the ad are correct resolution
• the size of the ad is consistent with the booked space

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