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Material specification for Instream

For a commercial video to be approved, a unique movie code is required. This is a branch agreement and a requirement for the film to start. As an advertiser/agency you are responsible for creating these codes. Below is information on how to create movie codes:

Adtoox has a support that helps with the creation of accounts, questions about setting up the account structure and converts the movie files to conform to our technical specifications, etc. For questions regarding account creation, setup and guidance through the delivery flow, etc. contact Adtoox support.

Please note that there is an additional cost for Adtoox services for more information on this contact Adtoox support.
Contact Adtoox support:
Phone: +46 8 626 29 29

A free alternative to Adtoox is to contact MMS directly for account creation and movie codes. Contact MMS support for further help with creating account and questions about movie codes.


It is also possible to use other approved actors if this is preferred.

Web TV supports Vast version 3.0.
Please note - VPAID is not supported.

Video Recommendations: Container: MP4 Video codec: H.264 Max frame rate: 30 Audio codec: AAC Audio sample rate: 48000 Hz Audio levels: -23 LUFS (+/- 1.0) in the EU as per EBU R128 Max audio true peak: -1.0 dBTP Video bitrate: minimum 2500 kbps Audio bitrate: minimum 128 kbps - maximum 320 kbps Maximum weight: 100 MB

Video recommended formats: The format 1280x720 is what is recommended but it is also possible to send in the format 1920x1080.
VAST recommended formats:
512 x 288 pixels
640 x 360 pixels
1024 x 576 pixels
1280 x 720 pixels

Adspec. for Outstream

Outstream is always produced by our third party Quad. Ask your Sales Contact for help with a production order.

The video should be loaded when the content on the site has finished loading, with the so-called polite file loading* and start playing when the banner is inscreen. The video should also be paused when it is not inscreen and continue playing again if it is again inscreen.

*This is done by listening to javascriptevent onload.

The video may not play sound automatically, unless it is activated with a click from the user.
The sound should also be able to be deactivated with a button or that the sound can be adjusted to 0 with a volume control. Activating audio through mouseover is not allowed. Other controls for pause and play must be included.

File format MP4 with coding H.246 and baseline profile is recommended. AAC encoding is recommended for audio. The MP4 H.264 combination with ACC sound works well over most devices.

HTML5 video can not be streamed but it is possible to simulate streaming using streaming techniques such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.

The video should be ready at least 5 work days before the start of the campaign so we can test the ad on all devices.

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