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Submission of Creatives

* Please note that all the resources required by an ad are counted into the maximum weight, eg. javascript, images, fonts & style sheets. This also applies to third party tags.
* The total number of resources shall be limited to 15.
* All creatives should be secure (https), which means that all ad calls must be over the HTTPS protocol and the domains must have valid SSL certificates.

• All questions and all material must be sent to
• All creatives must meet specified requirements unless otherwise agreed.
• All creatives must be delivered at least 3 business days prior to publication (5 days for custom formats, such as Takeover & Outstream).

If you have questions about the specification, please contact Ad Operations 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday at

GDPR & Schibsted Policies

As of May 25 2018, when the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies, only the following third parties will be allowed to run on Schibsted sites*:
- Appnexus
- Adform
- Adssets
- Audience report
- Bannerflow
- BidTheatre
- Delta Projects
- Doubleclick Campaign Manager
- Lystra
- Meetrics
- Seenthis
- Sizmek
- Quad
- Doubleverify
- Synoint
- Mediamath
- Tactic
- Madington
- Swadd

For the programmatic affari, only the following DSP vendors will be allowed after 25th of May*:
- Appnexus
- Adform
- BidTheatre
- Delta
- Google/DV360
- Mediamath
- Platform 161

New bookings can be made through Schibsted Self-Serve Admarket, where banners are hosted through Adssets.

In addition to this:
- Javascript libraries are only allowed from established vendors, e.g CreateJS, if they do not tigger any cookies or tracking pixels.
- Hosting of PNG, JPG and GIF assets from a CDN, e.g. Amazon S3, or the advertisers own domain, is only allowed if they do not trigger any cookies or tracking pixels.
- It is allowed to host fonts externally
- It is allowed to use Adobe Animate / Edge
- Internal measurement tools that Schibsted offers our customers, such as Inizio, NEPA and RAM will still be allowed.
- UTM links are allowed.

* Lists are updated continuously.
Latest update: 2018-09-14

Data Policy
You can read Schibsted Data Policy here.

Cookie Policy (Swedish version)
You can read Schibsted Cookie Policy here.

Guidelines for HTML5

This specification is intended for producers of creatives based on HTML5 and used for digital advertising at Schibsted. The following guidelines are essential for the campaign's success and delivery, thus creatives that do not comply with the guidelines will therefore not be approved. The specification is written for campaigns running on Schibsted's Appnexus Adserver.

* The creative should contain only one (1) index.html file
* All external references must be https
* It is not allowed to break out of iframes, through so-called framebusting.
* All elements that Schibsted is hosting must have relative paths.
* The creative may not have more than 15 requests (images, JS libraries, fonts, etc.)
* The creative must have a black 1px border.
* Average CPU usage may not exceed 30%, with a maximum peak of 60%.
* Animations must not exceed 30 seconds.
* Use CCS3 animations rather than Javascript animations.
* Never animate hidden items
* The creative may not overtake the page scroll function.
* Avoid using CSS background image as this may affect viewability measurement.
* Please note that all resources are counted in the weight of the ad without cache.
* If video is used in the ad, see additional information under Video in Banner.

* We recommend that 100% of the ad is clickable.
* Landing page must be opened in a new window or tab.
* Landing page may not be embedded in the ad, as Appnexus requires it to be defined in the ad server when uploading the content.
* Do not use the Javascript event touch start as a click call, instead - use any of the three options below.

Schibsted requires click functionality to be implemented in the creative according to IAB's definition of clickTags in HTML creatives.
Follow below instructions to do so:

1. Add the following JavaScript to the index.html.
<script type="text/javascript">
function getParameterByName(name) {
var match = RegExp ('[?&]' + name + '=([^&]*)').exec(;
return match && decodeURIComponent(match[1].replace(/\+/g, ' '));
var clickTag = getParameterByName('clickTag');</script>

2. Add the clickTag variable to any element in the HTML code,
here are some examples:

Example 1 - div
<div onclick=", '_blank');"> </div>

Example 2 - JavaScript
<div id="banner"></div>
<script> document.getElementById("banner").addEventListener("click", function() {, '_blank'); }, false);

3. Test the creative locally on your computer by opening the html file into desired browser. Then, add ?clickTag= to the url, reload the page with the new address, and then click the creative. If you end up on, the creative’s click function works as it should.

Here's an example creative for download.

Click to external browser from app In Schibsted's apps, all links are opened in an internal browser in the app. This is done so that the user can return to the app as smoothly as possible after visiting the landing page of the ad. If you as an advertiser would like to link to the phone's regular web browser, you can do this with the example code below.
<script src=""></script> <div id="banner" onclick="openLink()"></div> <script> var clickTag = ""; function openLink() { if (anjam.ready) { //Banner is in app anjam.ExternalBrowser(clickTag); } else{ //Banner is in web, "_blank"); } } </script>

Terms & Conditions
Schibsted tests all creatives before approval, including testing of the performance of the creative in simulated systems. The ad runs on a system with older hardware (1.5GHz processor, 920MB RAM, latest version of Google Chrome). The CPU and RAM usage are measured continuously during the process.

Ads that exceed the limits specified in this description will not be approved.
If you follow the guidelines above, the material should work properly and thus be approved. If you choose to produce your own HTML5 creatives without the help of our certified production companies, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that the ad is working. If the material does not work as intended, we will put the material on a test page and return it to the production agency for own tests.

Video in banner

NOTE! Not to be confused with Outstream produced by Quad.
Note that a video in banner should be produced in HTML5, we cannot receive pure MP4 files. See HTML5 specification below:

Video in a banner must not be loaded until the editorial content of the site is loaded, with so called polite load. This is done by listening to the javascriptevent onload.

The video must not play audio automatically, or activate via mouse over.

The video can not have a sound channel on initial load for ads in mobile devices. However, if the user clicks the ad it is allowed to load an additional video with a sound channel. This is important, if there is a sound channel initially then other applications that is running simultaneously (like Spotify) might have its sound muted.

The video element must always have playsinline webkit-playsinline to not be fullscreen. Example: <video src="video.mp4" playsinline webkit-playsinline />

File format MP4 with coding H.264 and baseline profile is recommended. AAC encoding is recommended for audio. The MP4 H.264 combination with AAC sound works well over most devices.

HTML5 video can not be streamed, but it is possible to simulate streaming using streaming techniques such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Creative Weights
The formats (such as panorama) regular file weights still applies, but in addition to the regular file weight, there is additional space for the video if it is to be played automatically (only on polite load):

1000 kb for desktop
800 kb for tablet
500 kb for mobile

For example, a Video-in-banner Desktop Panorama 980x240 should weigh a maximum of 200kb initial load (before the site is loaded successfully). In addition to that, a maximum of 1000kb polite load (after the onload event) is allowed.

For video to be played after click from the user there is no limitation, but it is important to ensure that the video is not loaded before interaction.


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