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Schibsted AdMarket is a buying tool for automated purchases that customers can use to plan, book and optimize their campaigns themselves. The tool is designed to fit local advertising of smaller advertisers as well as for powerful campaigns by Sweden's largest media agencies and media buyers. At present, Schibsted AdMarket offers three ways to buy advertising space depending on what goal you as a customer have with your advertising: 1. Reach a specific audience with your message. 2. Reach visitors to a specific site or subpage. 3. Drive clicks to site, e-commerce or app downloads. 10 reasons why you should advertise through Schibsted AdMarket 1. Direct access to Schibsted's advertising layer regardless of whether you are a small advertiser or a large media agency. 2. Full transparency in the purchases. 3. No technology cost. 4. Guaranteed delivery on your ad impressions. 5. Get a reach estimate based on your choice of audiences or contexts. 6. Ability to buy banner ads, video ads, takeover and CPC. 7. Quick overview for easy media planning. 8. Access to new products immediately when they are released. 9. GDPR secure use of data. 10. Free use of Schibsted's first-party data for controlling ex. data target groups, frequency and timing.
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