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GDPR & Schibsted Policies

As of May 25 2018, when the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies, only the following third parties will be allowed to run on Schibsted sites*:
- Appnexus
- Adform
- Adssets
- Bannerflow
- BidTheatre
- Delta Projects
- Doubleclick Campaign Manager
- EasyAds
- Lystra
- Meetrics
- Seenthis
- Sizmek
- Quad

Above information regards hosting and tracking of banners for guaranteed campaigns.

For the programmatic affari, only the following DSP vendors will be allowed after 25th of May*:
- Appnexus
- Adform
- BidTheatre
- Delta

New bookings can be made through Schibsted Self-Serve Admarket, where banners are hosted through Adssets.

In addition to this:
- Javascript libraries are only allowed from established vendors, e.g CreateJS, if they do not tigger any cookies or tracking pixels.
- Hosting of PNG, JPG and GIF assets from a CDN, e.g. Amazon S3, or the advertisers own domain, is only allowed if they do not trigger any cookies or tracking pixels.
- It is allowed to host fonts externally
- It is allowed to use Adobe Animate / Edge
- Internal measurement tools that Schibsted offers our customers, such as Inizio, NEPA and RAM will still be allowed.
- UTM links are allowed.

* Lists are updated continuously.
Latest update: 2018-09-14

Data Policy
You can read Schibsted Data Policy here.

Cookie Policy (Swedish version)
You can read Schibsted Cookie Policy here.

Terms and Conditions for Advertisning

Terms and Conditions
You can find our terms and conditions on Schibsted's websites and general terms here.

Act of Gamble 2019 and TU's recommendations

As of January the 1st, 2019, a new gamble regulation will come into force - see the new law of gamble (2018: 1138) here.

Schibsted complies with TU's gambling recommendations - see excerpts about the new gamble act and recommendations from TU's website:

The monopoly of gamble is suspended and replaced by a licensing system where all - state as private, Swedish and foreign gamble companies that fulfill the license terms may be allowed to manage gambling. A special excise duty of 18 percent will be drawn for gamble. The law of gamble also introduces a requirement that all marketing should be moderate. In the metric assessment, guidance can be obtained from the TU's gamble ad recommendations.

In order for the gamble ads to be considered moderate, the ads should:
- in a correct and balanced way present the chances of winning so that they do not create the impression that the chances of winning are greater than they actually are
- not communicate the image of gamble as socially attractive
- not especially address to children or adolescents who have not reached the age of 18
- not be formulated by using well-known people, suggesting that the participation of people in games has contributed to their success
- not give the impression that participation in gambles is a solution to financial problems or can improve the gambler’s social status and should not give the impression that a gamble offer is free
- not contain statements about gamble as a solution to social and economic problems
- not urge excessive gambling
- not contain statements that gambling is risk free
- not contain gender discriminatory statements
- not feature individual winners without documented evidence
Additionally, the game ads should:
- be ad labeled very clearly
- very clearly state any sponsorship, for example in the case of branded content
- be very clear, understandable and factually correct in terms of bonus, spin and welcome offers
- state contact information for an organisation that provides information about and support in connection with gambling issues
- provide distinct information about minimum age to gamble

The promotion prohibition remains in the new legislation while introducing a pronounced prohibition on those who do not have a license to market. For media houses it is important to keep track of which companies are licensed and these are hopefully presented on an updated list at Spelinspektionen. How this will look is today (November 2018) uncertain.
Gamble ads that do not meet the above recommendations should be rejected.
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