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Fullscreen Scroll

Fullscreen Scroll


Fullscreen Scroll is an appreciated high impact mobile format that makes the visitor to react without disturbing the user experience.

The large surface allows high impact, high visibility and high engagement with plenty of room for creativity.

Section: SvD Index, Nliv Index - not in articles.

Location: Panorama in the flow

Still picture
File format: JPG/PNG
Dimensions: 640x1136
Safe area: 40 pixels outside and in, from each side and 270 pixels down from the top. The logo must be within the safe area.
Max weight: 200kb.

Video fullscreen
Available for purchase. Note that for video fullscreen, only video file is usable, not HTML5. These are produced by Quad or Seenthis and are responsive just as takeovers. Contact the seller for more information.

File format: MP4 which is delivered to Quad or Seenthis.
Total maximum weight: 500 kb - Please note that the weight of the film must not exceed 500 kb.

At least 3 working days before campaign start.

Demo-URL - SvD Index
Fullscreen Scroll


Fullscreen Scroll SvD Ettan/Nliv Ettan (650)
General information
  • Max. weight
    200 kb
  • File formats
    JPG, PNG
  • GDPR & Schibsted Policies
Fullscreen Scroll


Fullscreen Scroll SvD Ettan/Nliv Ettan (650)
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