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Panorama 3D AR Ads

Panorama 3D AR Ads


What are 3D AR ads?
With the new iOS 12 software update from Apple, Augmented Reality (AR) on the web is finally here. This means that our visitors will be able to see 3D objects where I am directly in Safari, without having to download a separate app. With Schibsted 3D AR ads, we give our visitors an engaging and real experience of our advertisers' products directly through the ad, so that we can tell better stories - and for our users to make better and faster buying decisions.

Publicist: Aftonbladet
Channel: Mobile (iOS 12 - Safari)
Production: Quad, booked through the responsible seller at SSI.

Material Specification
The material must be sent to Quad no later than 5 days before the start of the campaign
Send the following material:
1. Image, logo and text material for banners.
2. URL to the product page / landing page
3. 3D model created for AR with Lowpoly (preferably in USDZ format, otherwise Quad converts from UV-mapped .OBJ .ABC .USD. When converting, also texture files need to be attached separately).

Questions about the booking are made via the responsible seller.
Panorama 3D AR Ads


Panorama i flödet (310)
General information
  • Devices
  • Dimensions
    320x320 px
  • Price
    Panorama i flödet: SEK310 CPM 
    • GDPR & Schibsted Policies
    Panorama 3D AR Ads


    Panorama i flödet (310)
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