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Large impact-format with fast and high reach that welcomes the user before landing on Aftonbladet.

Takeover comes in two formats: static and advanced. Both formats can be produced by Quad, Adform or Adssets, alternatively build it on your own. Takeovers cannot be hosted by other 3rd party vendors that the ones named above.

Choose to produce the material yourself for free or take advantage of our Quad production office at a cost of 10,000 kr.

Provides the opportunity for high definition images where you can present product and message. The format requires no moving creative. Our 3rd party vendor Quad produces the creative for orders higher than a certain amount. For more information please refer to your salesperson.

ALT.1 – Quad produces
Material to be submitted:* Psd-file with storage - 1135x530 vs. 640x1000 px* Font* Tracking (if necessary)

ALT.2 – Do it yourself
Follow the ad specification here with safe area if you choose to do it yourself. See example with safe area here. For psd template with safe frame click here.To be delivered in two separate formats JPG or PNG. One in portrait format (640x1000px) and one in landscape format (1135x530px).
NB: cannot be hosted by 3rd party. External 3rd party tracking is possible to be added.
NB: Important that sender, click-to-action and other important messages lay within the safe area, otherwise there is a risk that the whole message won't be shown on smaller screen.
* for psd-template with safe frame click
* Deliver JPG or PNG.

For Advanced Takeover there are 3 alternatives. It can be produced by Quad, Adform or Adssets, alternatrively be built by yourself. Takeovers cannot be hosted by other 3rd party vendors that the ones named above.

ALT.1 - Quad produces
Takeover Advanced is available in two versions if Quad is to produce. This production cost is included for orders exceeding a certain value. NOTE! Production of Custom Takeovers is not included, but the customer is invoiced separately.
See examples of different types of Takeovers that Quad produces here.
Contact your sales representative for more information.

Material to be submitted (applies to both autoplay video and full screen video):
* Psd-file with layer
* Font
* Video
o Max length: 15 sec
o 2 formats: 16:9 and 1:1 (+1:1 for autoplay video) o File type: MP4

Autoplay video
Perfect if you want to preview an application, movie or similiar. Allows space for messages and communication around the movie in the ad.

Full screen video
A video format when you want to communicate with moving movies for 15 seconds.

ALT.2 - Adform or Adssets produces
Our third party vendors Adform and Adssets are certified to build Advanced takeover. Here you have the opportunity to animate and build more advanced solutions. Production costs for this are not included. Contact your sales representative for more information.

ALT.3 - Do IT Yourself
It is possible to host HTML Takeovers directly in our ad server. If you choose to produce your own HTML ads without the help of our certified production vendors, it is your responsibility to ensure that the ad is working properly.
NOTE! The material must be responsively built. If the material does not work as intended, we will load the material on a test page and url will then be sent to the producer for own tests. See our general material spec for HTML,

If the ad is produced with HTML5, the specification below applies, as well as:
- The wrapper must be ''relativ'' and the elements inside the wrapper position ''absolut'' for ''flytande'' object.
- Use percentage positioning of elements in the wrapper.


Takeover (850)
General information
  • Max. weight
    200 kb
  • File formats
  • Submission of Creatives


Takeover (850)
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